One-piece flow is inefficient for software development

The Experiment

  • There will be two teams of same size
  • There will be two backlogs of stories with acceptance criteria; one backlog was broken down to tiny discrete stories, “build a chair”, “build a table” and “build a plant”. Second backlog had larger stories with more scope “build a park scene with chair, table and a plant”. There were many different scenes in there that teams had to create.
  • Each team member was constrained as he/she could only work on structures top, middle or bottom part and not the whole. This constraint reflects skill/specialism in real life.

Team A (large scope stories)

Figure 1, Large story team delivering a park scene

Team B (small scope stories)

Figure 2, Small story team delivering a park scene

Conclusion and Implications




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Zan Kavtaskin

Zan Kavtaskin

Systems Architect | |

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