Lean manufacturing cannot be applied literally to software development

Manufacturing work

Figure 1, Image taken from https://www.kaufmanglobal.com/glossary/single-piece-flow/
Figure 2, Charlie Chaplin “Modern Times” 1936 movie
Figure 3, Marriage, Image taken from https://www.sar.biz/news/2017_Aggregateeinbau_BMW_e.asp
Figure 4, normal distribution where average is known

Knowledge work

Figure 5, X axis shows number of days it taken to complete a piece of work, Y axis shows number of feature requests in that group. It is possible to fit this data to the negative exponential distribution function.

Introducing craft production

Figure 6, craft production, taken from https://www.indiatoday.in/education-today/jobs-and-careers/story/art-craft-356171-2016-12-07

Craft production factors

Figure 7
  • Volume of work — Amount of work you have to do.
  • Unknowns — Identifying stuff that you did not consider when you were estimating the work.
  • Complexity — Figuring out an algorithm to solve a problem, this the main thinking part.
  • Risk — Testing you have to do given the risk level that is acceptable for the task at hand.
  • Skill — Improving your hard/soft transferable skills (programming, math, architecture, algorithm design, management, leadership, etc) or using your existing skills to get work done quicker.
  • Domain — Gaining new domain knowledge (HR, Logistics, Financial Trading, etc) or using your existing domain knowledge to get work done faster.
  • Attitude — This is how you perceive your work environment and tasks.
  • Aptitude — This is you having developed or have predisposed skills towards the work that you are doing.

Conclusion and Implications

  • What you do
  • How you do it
  • Who does it




Systems Architect | zankavtaskin.com | linkedin.com/in/zankavtaskin/

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Zan Kavtaskin

Zan Kavtaskin

Systems Architect | zankavtaskin.com | linkedin.com/in/zankavtaskin/

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